Job Opportunities

Head Teacher for 9/10's (4th Grade)

  • Department: School for Children
  • Start Date: Sep 01, 2014
  • Salary: Commensurate with experience

Position Vacancy - Head Teacher for 9/10's (4th Grade)



1. Bachelor's degree
2. Master's degree desirable
3. Three years teaching experience preferred


Work with Children
The classroom teacher is responsible for teaching a mixed-age group of
children in all subject areas, planning to meet the needs of the
entire group as well as individual children.  Enabling the
social/emotional, physical and intellectual development of each child
is his/her primary responsibility.

Work with Environment and Materials
The teacher is responsible for designing, organizing and maintaining a
materials-based classroom that reflects the curriculum and current
work of the children.  Create and prepare materials that serve the

Curriculum Development
The teacher is responsible for developing curriculum in all areas
based on children's developmental capacities and needs and current
understanding of literacy learning, mathematics and interdisciplinary
curriculum development in social studies, science and the arts.  A
multicultural understanding must be reflected in the curriculum
developed for children.  Special emphasis is placed on social studies
as the core of classroom life and learning.


Student Teachers/Interns
As cooperating practitioners for graduate students who are placed in
their classrooms, teachers plan cooperatively with students and hold
weekly supervisory meetings.  Teachers meet with the student and the
advisor from Graduate Programs 3 times per semester.

An interest in his/her own professional growth is expected.  Each
teacher meets weekly with their curriculum coordinator and
participates in weekly age-group meetings and weekly staff meetings
after school.  As part of a diagnostic team, teachers work with
specialists (reading, math, psychologist), meet with parents, tutors
and therapists.

Teachers are required to meet with parents twice yearly for individual
conferences in the fall and spring as well as being available for
additional conferences where needed.  Teachers and parents work
together to increase each other's knowledge of the children.  Teachers
have two comprehensive reports on children in the winter and spring
each year.

In addition to modeling a Bank Street approach to education by having
daily visitors and observers in the classroom, teachers may be asked
to speak to visiting groups.  They often serve as consultants for
other College Divisions as well as for outside groups.

Many teachers take responsibility for College-wide committee work and
divisional and institutional Program development and evaluation.

SALARY:   Commensurate with Experience

STARTING DATE: September 1, 2014

Bank Street College of Education is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, sex, gender identity or expression, religion, or disability in its employment policies and other college administered programs.