Bank Street Online learning management is the Epsilen Environment. The system is designed to engage today’s students in their digital world — combining fully integrated Web 2.0 social networking with the best practices of eLearning course delivery — so that faculty and students can collaborate and network easily on campus and around the world.

Technical Requirements

The systems used for online courses at Bank Street are Web based and students do not need additional software for access. Bank Street Online recommends the use of the following systems, browsers and hardware to ensure an optimal online experience.


Students must have access to a computer with at least 256 MB of RAM. For both Mac and Windows, the latest operating system is supported.


Participants are required to have Internet access and use one the following operating systems:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Browsers must be Java and JavaScript enabled and have pop up blockers disabled.


Some online courses at Bank Street take place using live classroom technology. If you are taking a course featuring real time online sessions, your computer must have a sound card with a microphone and speakers. It is also recommended that all students have headphones to participate in a synchronous session. A video camera is optional

Student Orientation

If you are a student, Bank Street Online offers a recommended Online Student Orientation. By the end of the orientation, students acquire the strong foundational knowledge needed as you attend courses, access required class readings and materials, communicate with peers and faculty, and meet course requirements.

Please note, if you are taking an online course at Bank Street, the orientation may be required of you by your faculty. Please check your course syllabus for more details.

Help Desk Support

If you are having technical problems with your account, you should contact the Help Desk at or call (212) 875-4642.

Online Development 

Bank Street Online offers a variety of opportunities to support graduate faculty for the development of online courses and to ensure that they reflect Bank Street’s understanding of teaching and learning. The programs are designed to draw on the real-life, real-time experiences of faculty, as they learn about teaching in the online environment, and as they offer support, guidance and companionship to each other, learning through their shared explorations.  Through this work participants will become adept in using a range of tools and techniques to foster course community and engage students in constructivist learning experiences.

Online Faculty Workshops

If you are a faculty member and you would like information on getting started, please visit the Faculty Tutorial. These tutorials provide you with step-by-step guidance for setting up the basic components of your course environment. 

Help Desk Support

If you are having technical problems with your account, you should contact the Help Desk at or call 212-875-4642.