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7th Floor Classroom Upgrades

Posted by Bank Street on October 05, 2011

Last year, a collaborative effort between the Graduate School, Online Education, School for Children, and Computing and Information Services led to a technical redesign of the 7th floor classrooms.

Each classroom on the 7th floor is equipped with:

  • an interactive board
  • a projector
  • three magnetic dry erase boards
  • a wireless keyboard and mouse
  • and a document camera.

The collaborative effort helped us approach the design in a way that ensured ease of technology use in the classroom technologies to most effectively support faculty in their practice.

We purchased equipment that is environmentally sustainable and responsible.  Many products are made locally of recycled/recyclable materials.

Please stop by the Help Desk to schedule a quick training in the new equipment (we should have you up and running in 5 minutes) or to learn more about our commitment to green technologies.