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Bank Street Goes Google

Posted by Bank Street on October 05, 2011

In September 2010, the College began a process to evaluate its use of email at the College. The process began with a survey of staff, whose results were used to better understand the College's email needs. The next steps included evaluating available options along with a cost comparison. The end result supported a decision to migrate to an outsourced email solution, namely Google Mail, which would meet the College's requirements for a flexibile, reliable, and scalable email solution.

Stay tuned to email notification requesting for volunteer Google Guides to help with the next step in the migration to Google Mail!


  • Fall 2010:  A survey was distributed to gather statistics regarding College e-mail use. The results of this survey provided useful information helping CIS better understand the College's Email needs and plan for the future.
  • Winter 2010:  A comprehensive technology-oriented analysis was conducted of our present Email system, GroupWise. Using the results of the Email survey as a baseline of data, the CIS department reviewed GroupWise versus Google for Email.
  • March 2011:  Cabinet approved the recommendation for the College to migrate to Google.
  • April 2011:  Several drop-in sessions were held and FAQs sent out to staff
  • May and June 2011: Additional emails were sent out to gather details from the community
  • Summer 2011: Final agreements were signed with Google
  • September 2011:  Members of CIS were successfully migrated to Google