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Epsilen and Blackboard Collaborate Update

Posted by Christina D'aiello on February 25, 2013

As you are aware, we have had a few performance issues with Epsilen and Blackboard these past few months. Blackboard acknowledged a system compromise that has reduced their reliability and service. They are actively taking steps to improve the situation and expect that by March, these steps will result in a noticeable improvement.

We remain in close contact with our representatives about these issues and will keep you informed as new information becomes available.

We still expect a new release of Blackboard in April 2013 to address the following issues:

  • "permission revoked" error students see when trying to log in through Epsilen
  • error that occurs when a student logs out of Blackboard and tries to log back in
  • error that prevents multiple moderators (instructors) from getting into Blackboard at the same time
  • "lost" recordings
  • ability for instructors to send out a direct link to students to connect to Blackboard