Instructional Technology

Welcome Google+!!

Posted by Bank Street on March 15, 2013
After an extensive pilot of Google+, Bank Street IT is pleased to announce that Google+ is available to faculty, staff, and adminsitration (note that it is not available to SFC students).  Why are we so excited??  Here are some features of Google+:
  • Video conference (Hangout) with up to 15 people from your computer or smart phone.
  • Public and private communities.  
  • Photos and photo album sharing with individuals and groups (check out Google Party Mode)
  • Schedule events that occur online or face to face.
Since this is just a glimpse of what Google+ has to offer - check out the Google+ channel for inspiration.
Your Google+ profile is not active until you set it up and it is important to ensure privacy of information, so you shuold fully explore and understand Google+ before setting up your profile.
If you get stuck, contact the Help Desk at or 212 875 4642.
Lastly, a quick reminder: when sharing content in any space, keep in mind the importance of the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act. 
Whether your course is face-to-face or online, here is information you can't share without express, written permission from a student:
  • Social security number
  • Grades
  • Student schedule
  • Student ID
  • GPA
  • Academic history
  • Academic standing
Everyone at Bank Street (staff, students and faculty) are responsible for upholding the privacy of students.