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School for Children

New York City Gay Pride Parade

Posted by Alexis Wright on July 01, 2014

Morika Tsujimura and Anshu Wahi (SFC faculty). For the second year in a row, School for Children faculty and families participated in the New York City Gay Pride Parade. Organized by Anshu Wahi, our Director of Diversity & Community, the SFC proudly marched under a bright sky down Fifth Avenue ...

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School for Children

Naturalists Grab the Attention of National Geographic

Posted by Alexis Wright on January 17, 2014

Ordinary life at Bank Street is anything but ordinary. The “extraordinariness” (Yes, it’s a word!) of Bank Street was noted by the National Geographic Society last spring when the organization’s Vice President for Education, Daniel C. Edelson, visited and observed the 7/8s as they worked on the Hudson River project. ...

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School for Children

Responding to Boston

Posted by Alexis Wright on April 18, 2013

As educators, we have had to write a variation of this letter too many times to our school families. This school year alone, we experienced Hurricane Sandy, then the tragedy in Newtown, and now the deadly bombings in Boston that claimed three lives, including that of an 8 year old ...

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