Center for Children's Literature

“Inside the ABC of It”

Missed our panel discussions moderated by Leonard Marcus, curator of “The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter,” the critically acclaimed exhibition currently on view at The New York Public Library? Check out the links below to view a recording of each panel discussion. Enjoy! 

“Inside the ABC of It: The Educator’s and Librarian’s Perspective”

“Inside the ABC of It: The Artist’s and Designer’s Perspective”

"Inside the ABC of It: The Writer's Perspective"

About the Center for Children's Literature

Illustration by Caledecott Award Winner Chris RaschkaIllustration by Caldecott
Medalist Chris Raschka

Learning to read gives a child a tool for acquiring information. Loving to read equips a child with an essential set of skills for developing a rich, imaginative and ever-expanding life.

Our mission is to create, identify, and advocate for the highest quality literature for all children from infancy through adolescence.  We ensure that such literature is readily accessible to every child, and to foster in parents, educators, and policy makers a commitment to the principle that good literature is fundamental to literacy. The Center will provide workshops, guides and content for learning and social-emotional/ aesthetic development at all levels of childhood education.

The faculty of Bank Street College of Education seeks to address a growing challenge: the diminishing use of children's literature in literacy programs, particularly in the early grades. As a result, many children are finding it much more difficult to "engage" in their own learning.

The components of the Center are the Children’s Book Committee, Irma Simonton and James H. Black Award, The Cook Prize, BookFest@ Bank Street, and the Writers Lab.  The Center is housed in the Bank Street College Library. The Library has a circulating collection of more than 68,000 children’s books.