Save the Date: Writers Lab Mini-Conference

Saturday, April 12

Spring Writers Lab Mini-Conference 'Play and Imagination' will take place at Bank Street from 9:00 a.m.-12:00pm. The keynote speakers for the day are Richard Lewis, founder of The Touchstone Center for Children, and author/illustrator Stephen Savage. Check back soon for registration information.

For a schedule of the day's events and registration information, please see our Center for Children's Literature Blog. 

Writers Lab

    Designed by Peter H. Reynolds

The mission of the Bank Street Writers Lab, founded in October 1937   by Lucy Sprague Mitchell, is to encourage the writing of children’s literature that shows an understanding and appreciation of the language of growing children, is aware of and responsive to children’s real and imagined worlds, and affirms the social and cultural heritage of every child. The Writers Lab achieves this by providing a supportive workshop haven where published authors can critique each other’s works-in-progress and encourage each other in their striving for excellence. This process aids members to create literary works that comprehend and respect the situations and dilemmas young children and adolescents face in today’s complex and multicultural world.