Music and Movement: Multicultural and Developmental Approaches in Diverse and Inclusive Settings (Grades N – 6)

EDUC 591
This course is designed to introduce key elements of music and movement, such as rhythm, melody, and spatial awareness, in a context of learning theory; cross-cultural perspectives; and widely used methodologies including Dalcroze, Orff/Kodaly, and Laban. Students learn to make and use musical instruments; explore use of materials such as hoops and climbing equipment; and learn to integrate skills and repertoire with ongoing classroom curriculum. Songs, rhythms, poetry and games from a range of folk traditions are included to address children's diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Applications and strategies for children with special needs are incorporated through readings, discussion and guided activities. Also covered are the selection and use of music and movement in relation to art forms such as storytelling, visual media, and dance-drama. Music, athletic, or dance background are not required.