Developmental Variations

EDUC 803
This course is designed to increase participants' awareness and understanding of the educational, social, cultural, linguistic and developmental implications of disability from diverse and historical points of view. Federal categories of disabilities will be covered, with an emphasis on developmental expectations,educational progress and effective interventions. The course will prepare candidates to collaborate and co-teach with peers as they identify, plan for, and remediate based on the individual needs of children who represent broad spectrums of learning styles and abilities within the contexts of school, family, and community. The course will incorporate all aspects of the special education process and state and federal special education laws and regulations. Candidates will be exected to provide evidence of their ability to work with children with diagnosed disabilities by individualizing instruction and applying positive behavorial supports and interventions across the wide range of classroom settings in which today's children are educated. Prerequisite: EDUC 500 or 501 or 800; or permission of instructor.