Practicum in Assessment & Curriculum Planning for Children with Autism & Developmental Disorders

EDUC 814
Coursework and related fieldwork focus on strength-based assessment, diagnosis, and evaluation of students with severe or multiple disabilities related to the teaching-learning process, with particular attention to the ways in which primary language, cultural background, and family relationships interact with the child's cognitive and social abilities, interests, and long-term planning options for independent living in an inclusive environment. Evidence-based assessment will lead to design of curriculum and planning of instructional strategies designed to enhance communication, academic, social, and independent living skills consistent with New York State Learning standards in a fieldbased practicum component. Strategies drawn from evidence-based research include applied behavior analysis and principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as appropriate within the elementary and middle school environment and differentiated instruction strategies to support learners with developmental disabilities in inclusive classrooms and school settings. For Autism Spectrum Project scholars only. (Includes 50 hours of fieldwork)