Developmental Variations II: Emotional and Behavioral Issues

EDUC 805
This course focuses on understanding, teaching, and meeting the needs of adolescents with severe learning and behavioral disorders in upper elementary and secondary school settings. Familiarity with basic adolescent developmental framework is applied to the assessment and understanding of individual students within the contexts of their schools, families and communities. The course is practically focused and includes discussions of managing specific classroom incidents, resolving conflict, focusing curriculum, fostering adolescent growth and learning, and considering and involving families. Live Space Intervention, based on the work or Redl, Long, and others, is considered in depth. Case material and guest speakers present in areas of their specific expertise in working with an adolescent population. Special topics such as adolescent depression and suicide, violence, foster care placement, and sexual orientation are explored in depth, according to student interest. Prerequisites: EDUC 500 or EDUC 501 or EDUC 800; and EDUC 803.