Supporting Boys’ Learning: Strategies for Working in Pre-K through Grades 3

Focus on: Grades Pre-K through Grade 3
Course Number: TEWS733N

There is a growing body of research that has raised concerns about boys’ vulnerability in terms of social-emotional development, referral to special education, and academic success in school, particularly in terms of literacy. Long-held stereotypes about how boys and girls are “supposed to be” limit the potential of both genders. This workshop focuses on critical issues in the education of young boys, and how to combat stereotypes to better meet boys’ needs. This workshop will address specific strategies and resources for: Addressing boys’ social emotional and academic needs Engaging boys in literacy activities Active learning through play Observing and recording as a way to inform curriculum planning.

This blended workshop format includes a 4 hour in-person session followed by asynchronous online activities and one-hour synchronous closing session.

October 19 – in person
Saturday,  9:00 am – 1:00 pm

November 23 – synchronous on-line conclusion
Saturday, 10 – 11 am 

An additional 5 hours of asynchronous on-line work will occur between October 19 and November 23.


The workshop instructors are co-authors of Supporting Boys’ Learning: Strategies for Teacher Practice, Pre-K-Grade 3 (Teachers College Press, 2010).