Message from the President

President Elizabeth DickeyAt Bank Street College we care about education and its people. And we care about a progressive way of learning that enables all of us to become active, thoughtful participants in society. From nearly a century of practice, we know that’s done not through memorization and testing but by making connections between subjects, by observing interactions between ideas and people, by encouraging inquiry and curiosity, and by venturing outside of the classroom and looking at the broader world in which we operate.

We know our approach works because we see it succeed every day. We see it in the contributions made by over 11,000 Graduate School alumni to schools, hospitals, museums, and communities. They influence the world of education on every level. And we see it in our School for Children alumni, who have gone on to impressive careers around the globe. These individuals care enough about this place to come back and tell us about their lives. They tell us about the enduring impact of Bank Street, its connection to their values, their views of the world, and their relations with friends and colleagues.

While working to sustain and grow the School for Children and Graduate School, my colleagues and I are also working to make Bank Street more accessible to current and future generations of learners. We do this through programs like Head Start, which supports early development for young children in economically disadvantaged communities, and Liberty LEADS, which provides urban adolescents with positive learning experiences and prepares them for success in college. And we are actively investing in new technologies that support students wherever they are through programs like Bank Street Online.

Today, the American people are once again turning their attention to a key domestic issue: education. I hear this message from friends and family, in New York and across the country.  We all want to believe that students are getting “the best” education we can provide. At Bank Street, as we approach our second 100 years in New York, we remain committed to the research and clinical practice that prepares all students to meet 21st century challenges while leading enriching, engaged lives. We hope you’ll join us in that endeavor.

Elizabeth D. Dickey, President