Room 2

We are jumping into spring!

Hi Families!

It has been a very exciting and busy spring so far in Room 2. As our infants have gotten older we have really tried to implement some new ways of playing in our room.  You may have noticed a lot of box and ball play, as well as an increase of cause and effect games. Not only is this fun for the infants, but it is also great fun for the toddlers. All the children have been exploring new and different ways to interact with materials in the classroom. 

As spring has arrived and we are able to get out more we are doing a lot of talking about what we see around us.  We are paying attention to the sky, trees, birds etc. We have gone on a few adventures with our binoculars, so we can get a close up of nature. 

Room 2 Teachers

We will also start doing some plating and growing in the classroom. As most of you have seen we have added “dirt” to our water table.  This is actually compressed coconut fibers, so it is completely safe should there be any accidental tasting :). With this “dirt” we are able to bring some of the outside in.  The children can explore it with hands, tools etc. It will also be there for a while, so even those who may be hesitant might warm up to it after a bit.

Soon we will be doing some of our own planting. The children will help soak seeds, plant them and take care of them to make sure they grow. This is a great learning opportunity to see how plants grow & how we need to take care of them.