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Room 3

We have officially started our 6 week summer session. Essentially we will be keeping the same routines. The only change structure wise is that we will be trying to get out of the classroom earlier for outings.

More Time Outside! Water, Reflections, Mirrors

We will continue expanding and exploring our water experiences. This will include adding mirrors to containers of water, exploring movement and reflection. We will also reintroduce our baking soda and vinegar powered rocket thus diving deeper into our physics exploration.

Building & Construction

In about 2 weeks we will be introducing our work bench. Some children will gravitate toward this more than others but all will be curious to know what it feels like to handle a hammer and to manipulate a nail through wood. When a child is working with a hammer, a teacher is guiding them with 1:1 supervision.

Swim Gear

Please bring in water shoes OR shoes that will act as water shoes. If you have not brought in proper swim gear please do so and LABEL EVERYTHING. We have started going outside for water play already.

Teaching Staff

We are happy to welcome a new student teacher for the month of July. Her name is Rachel. She is currently a kindergarten teacher who is persuing her masters degree in early childhood special education. We are happy to have her perspective as well as guide her in understanding the development of younger children.

We also have a new "middle of the day" person. We used to have Kelly as our daily nap coverage but now, Rachel Strauss will be in our room to help with outings and nap coverage. Rachel S. was a student teacher in room 4 so many of the children already know her. Kelly will still cover our Thursday time from 11-3 as she has in the past.