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Room 4

Summer is here!

Your children are building airplanes out of hollow blocks and traveling around the world! They are following our calendar diligently, crossing off days, counting down to summer “home days”. During circle times they are sharing home and family plans – “Orchard Beach”, “Hershey Park”, “sprinklers”, “playground”, “zoo”.

Today children used fishing poles with magnetic ends to fish for treasure. They began to categorize what they could catch, and what would not come up with their poles; the fish with metal-tipped mouths were easy to catch… the pepples were not! Some children sat out in the hallway with a teacher and played a variety of tabletop and board games. Everyone is learning to take turns, count, sit for extended periods of time, increase color recognition, sequence, retell stories, increase vocabulary… phew! We are working hard in Room 4. Our late morning routines now include the application of sunblock. Please send in sunblock for your child, or let teachers know that you are comfortable having your child use the classroom sunblock.

Today we traveled as a full group up to the playdeck. With the School for Children closed, and the Summer Camp in full swing, we find ourselves with some more time on the playdeck! By the time we got back downstairs for lunch we were hot, thirsty and hungry. The teachers turned down the lights and left the cool air on.

As we finished up our lovely home meals, our fire drill went off – what a surprise! We knew just what to do. We stopped all of our activities, put down our things, took teacher’s hands, and walked quietly outside. It was good to know that we were still only practicing – there was no fire. We sat on our special flower/tree curb down the street, and then walked back to Room 4 to continue where we had left off, after being given the “ok”. At second circle we talked about that surprising drill, and how it took time away from the rest of our afternoon; we were not able to revisit our calendar, finish our daily schedule, or pick a second song. We WERE able to use the bathroom, finish packing up, do our composting and spend some conversational time together before saying good-bye to our 1 o’clock friends, and that felt good.

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