Room 4

Fall is here!

Your teachers are so excited for our new school year!

Classroom supplies will include extra changes of clothes and toileting supplies, along with personal items you may wish your child to have while in school. Each child will have a cubby to store belongings – children who are “part-timers” may have to share cubby space. Extra outfits and changes of weather-appropriate clothing will be stored in upper cubby spaces in large Ziplock bags, which Room 4 will supply. PLEASE LABEL ALL CLOTHING AND PERSONAL ITEMS. Extra underwear, diapers, pull-ups, wipes, etc. will be stored in small plastic baskets in the bathroom.

If your child is staying for nap this year, please send in a crib sized sheet and a blanket large enough to cover your child’s body. Although we cannot have pillows, a “lovey” or special sleeping toy is welcome. These items will be stored in large lidded bins in the bathroom. PLEASE LABEL ALL NAPPING ITEMS.

The Family Center engages in home visits at the beginning of our year together – there will be a sign-in sheet with available times on top of the cubbies. Let us know what works for you.

We are asking all of you to email a photo of your child enjoying her or his summer days. We plan on using these photos in our first teacher-made book; the working title is “Room 4’s Summer Home Days.” Additional individual “I.D.” photos of your child will be framed and hung in the classroom by teachers; we will include birth dates. Cubby photos and family collages will be next! Phew!

We really are so excited, and looking forward to a lively and collaborative year with all of you. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.