Room 4

The excitement of Halloween and all things Autumn have ushered us quickly into November!

It seems we are still getting to know one another, and yet, we have shared so much, grown together already, and will continue to move forward as a community.

Teachers are working on establishing a private blog, where we will post pictures and the Friday note for all families to view. Our Friday group note will also be a bit of “a week in review.” We will try and post pictures so that each child will be represented. Bear with us as we iron out the kinks!

An interest in trains and creating large train tracks is growing and thriving. Teachers have also noticed that your children are interested in “what’s inside”. There has been a great deal of talk about “baby bellies.” We all agreed that each of us has a belly, but that each belly is different and unique. Children with younger siblings talked about knowing that their mommies had “baby bellies.” We also acknowledged that some of us have big bellies, but no babies inside.

We opened up our pumpkin to see what was inside. We have an avocado seed in a cup of water, and we are desperate to see it sprout after finding it inside a teacher’s lunchtime avocado. The children enjoyed opening up milkweed pods to expose and blow on the seeds inside. We have cut open bananas, apples and oranges.