Curriculum and Instruction

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  • Master of Science in Education

Deepen your skills and understanding for creative, meaningful teaching

Earn professional certification in the area of your initial certification

The Curriculum and Instruction program is designed for individuals who hold initial certification in general education or general and special education at the Early Childhood or Childhood level. Students in this program have the opportunity to delve deeply into areas that are of professional interest to them, shaping their own program of study. Students may choose to concentrate their coursework and fieldwork in areas such as child development, curricular studies, children's literature, or the math and sciences.

The Curriculum and Instruction program will deepen your capacity to understand children. Create meaningful and responsive curricula as you strengthen your skills working with colleagues and families. Inquiry, reflection, creativity and collaboration will be central to your experience at Bank Street. Your professional growth will be enhanced by the many opportunities to share your experiences, your discoveries and your questions as you work with the Bank Street community.

Distinctive Features

  • Deepen your understanding of curriculum through continuous and purposeful interactions among course work, fieldwork, conference group and consultation with your advisor.
  • Create a one-year program tailored your interests.             

Certification in Education

This master's degree leads to New York State professional certification in the area of initial certification for those who hold valid New York State initial certification in General Education or in General and Special Education at the Early Childhood or Childhood level.


Courses at Bank Street provide students with the opportunity to engage in readings, discussions, direct experience, and reflection, encouraging a constant interplay between theory and practice. Explore the courses in the Curriculum and Instruction master's program.

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

Taken concurrently with coursework, supervised fieldwork is designed to foster the integration of theory and practice. You will:

  • Work in classroom settings as a full-time assistant or head teacher, or as a student teacher (3 days each week).
  • Choose an alternative experience relevant to your area of study for the spring semester, or continue in your classroom setting.
  • Be supervised by your advisor, a core graduate faculty mentor, as you work with children in your fieldwork setting.
  • Participate in a weekly conference group of 5-7 students and your advisor.
  • Meet individually with your advisor twice each month.

Career Opportunities

  • Head teaching positions in independent, public or charter schools
  • Curriculum specialists and grade level lead teachers
  • Co-teachers in collaborative team teaching (CTT) and Integrative Collaborative Teaching (ICT) classroom settings

Admission Requirements

  • Candidates need to have, or be working toward, New York State initial certification in general education or in teaching students with disabilities at the early childhood level (birth through grade 2) or at the childhood level (grades 1-6).
  • Those who hold certification from a state having reciprocity with New York need to apply for New York State certification when applying to this program.
  • See the Admissions Criteria.