About Bank Street Graduate School of Education

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Linking theory to practice for work inside and outside of classrooms

The Graduate School of Education was founded in the tradition of progressive education and is committed to learner-centered education based on sound developmental principles. The master's programs integrate direct experience with children, teachers, and families, exploration and examination of theory, and observation and reflection. These programs prepare adults for professional work in schools, museums, hospitals, and community organizations.

All of Bank Street master's programs include small group work, opportunities for active learning in dialogue with instructors and peers, as well as focused, individual mentoring and professional development with faculty advisors. Here is a list of the programs we offer:

General Teacher Education Programs 
Bank Street offers programs in early childhood and childhood general education, including a program that leads to dual certification across these ages.

Special Education Programs
These programs are for those with a prior certification in general education who want to learn about working with all children and seek certification to teach students with disabilities.

Museum Education Programs
These programs focus on learner-centered education in museums and in classrooms.

Infant and Family Development Programs
These programs focus on working with infants and toddlers, and include a dual degree program in social work option. 

Child Life Program
This program focuses on how to work with children in health-care settings leads to certification in Child Life.


 Special and General Education Programs
These dual-certification programs prepare individuals to work effectively in general education, inclusion and special education settings. 

Reading and Literacy Programs
Earn certification as a literacy specialist, including a dual certification program in literacy and childhood education.

Dual Language / Bilingual Programs
Earn a master's in general education and/or special education as part of an integrated program that includes the Bilingual Extension.

Individualized Programs
These flexible non-certification master's degree programs allow students to shape their study to meet their needs.

Leadership Programs
Bank Street's leadership programs prepare candidates for school leadership, district leadership, museum leadership and more.