International Initiatives & Partnerships

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What does international Bank Street work look like in an era of globalization?

For decades, individual members of the Bank Street community have worked in a variety of educational capacities across the globe. In keeping with our interactional perspectives, we have brought new ideas (and some old ones) to people in other cultures, been changed by their work, and returned with renewed ways of approaching teaching and learning to share with faculty, staff and students.

In 2013, the Graduate School embarked on an international initiative that provides a greater coherence to our work while enriching the opportunities in which both graduate students and faculty may teach and learn across a broader geographical canvas. This international work has ambitious goals and a strong theoretical foundation rooted in developmental-interaction as a way to think about education in a global and rapidly changing world.

This new initiative has three prongs—

  1. Faculty and students will continue to work in countries that request assistance with capacity-building to create stronger infrastructures for their specific schools and educational systems.
  2. Graduate student and faculty exchange opportunities (including shared research agendas) are currently being developed as a TEACH ABROAD program in Argentina, China, Nepal, Rwanda and Turkey.
  3. Bankstreet Students working in South Africa

    We will also partner with institutions abroad to develop teacher-education programs as well as demonstration schools and the on-going technical assistance that comes with using a Bank-Street inspired approach.

As with previous Bank Street international work, this initiative promises to move beyond simple knowledge transfer and aspire toward collaborative engagement. Click on any of the photographs below to view ongoing and recent work with our international partners.

Bank Street Faculty Partnering Abroad

Olga Murray