Career Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list a job opening with the Career Services Office?

  • You can send, fax or e-mail a listing of a job opening, which will be placed in the Job Bulletin (for two issues), and then placed in a binder where it will remain for six weeks.
  • Job listings should include position title, location, hours, age of children, credentials and experience required, starting date, deadline, salary range, contact person, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.
  • If you would like the opening to appear in more than two issues of the bulletin, you must send or fax us another listing.
  • Babysitting, childcare, and tutoring positions are posted in the "Childcare/Tutoring" binder in the Career Services Office, but are not listed in the Job Bulletin.

Can anyone subscribe to the Job Bulletin?

  • No. The Job Bulletin is available online to all Bank Street College alumni, and to students during their second semester of Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement.
  • New students are encouraged to visit the career services office and look through the job listings.
  • The Bulletin is published weekly between mid-March and June, and bi-weekly throughout the remainder of the year.
  • There is no cost for current students (either in SFW/A or post-SFW/A) or alumni to view the Job Bulletin. Please email Susan Levine to obtain the login and password; in the email, please include your name, social security number, mailing address and email address.
  • The login and password are updated each March; you will need to obtain the new login and password each spring.

What is a reference file, and how do I start one?

  • A reference file is a file consisting of references, a cover sheet, an authorization form and a resume. It's a convenient place to keep all your references together, and is very helpful during the job search.
  • Students are encouraged to start a file while they are still in SFW/A. You can pick up the necessary forms in the Career Services Office or download them.
  • Reference files are never confidential. Students may have access to all information within their file.

How do I have my file sent to prospective employers?

  • Once a file is established, the Career Services Office will send out your references to prospective employers upon request.
  • We will send five sets free of charge, after which we charge a fee of $2.50 per request.
  • All requests should be made in writing.
  • Your reference file can be updated anytime throughout your career.

Is there someone I can speak with about my resume and the job search process?

  • Yes, Susan Levine is available to meet with Bank Street students and alumni on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • Resume and interview skills workshops are offered in small groups throughout the year; check the list of upcoming events.

What kinds of reference material do you have available to students?

Lists of New York public and private schools, Westchester and Nassau county schools, New Jersey schools, special education settings, museums are also available to assist you during your job search. Students can also request individualized lists of specific school information by geographic location or field of interest. Students and alumni who wish to contact alumni for information on their career fields of geographic areas may request a list from the Career Services Office; this service is especially helpful for those who wish to relocate outside the New York area.