Email is Gmail

Staff can login to Gmail to access your email.

Students login through student email.

Google mail FAQs at Bank Street

You can always call the Help Desk for Suppport, but this page is designed to answer your most common questions and provide you with the resources needed to assist the College in this migration.

  • Will my email address change?

    No.  Your current email address will remain the same.  However, the first time you login to Bankstreet's Google Mail, you will have a new password that will be given to you.

  • I want to connect my phone to Bankstreet's Google email
  • Privacy & Security

    Is Gmail reliable?

    Google makes a significant investment in its Email and data infrastructure to guarantee a very high level of redundancy and reliability. While Bank Street’s Email system has been extremely reliable, the costs to maintain it have been increasing rapidly.

    Does Google have access to my Email?

    As part of Google's terms of agreement, the content of Email and attachments is private and no personally identifiable information will be gathered from any user's account. General trending data may be gathered from users as a whole, but this has become standard practice for Email providers.  

    What is Google’s Privacy Policy?

    Our lawyers are currently negotiating the privacy policy and terms of service with Google.  Our goal is to ensure full protection and privacy of any personally identifiable information.

  • What advantages does Gmail have over GroupWise?

    25GB of disk space

    • Improved spam filtering
    • Robust mailbox search
    • Free mobility - accessible on any browser or Smartphone
    • Integration with other Google apps including Google docs, rss feeds, and Google maps
    • Organization of mail conversations into one thread (this can also be turned off)
    • Ease of feature and service upgrades - getting them as soon as they are available

    What is the difference between Gmail and GroupWise?

    The following features that exist in GroupWise will not be available in GMail:

    • Shared folders
    • Retracting an Email
    • Delay delivery for Email messages
    • Reviewing the properties of a sent Email (being able to identify if a message was received, deleted, or transferred)
    • Attachments are limited to 20MB
    • Sort by fields (Gmail uses search instead of sort)
    • EXE files cannot be sent in Gmail
    • No native desktop software, you will only have access via a web browser
  • What are Google Apps?

    Google Apps are collaboration and communication tools available in conjunction with Gmail.

  • Migration

    I already have a Gmail account, can I use this instead?

    Bank Street’s Email system and the address, is an official means of College communication—you will have to use your College Email address for communication with faculty, staff, and students.

    What happens to my current Email and calendar items when we move?

    All your current Email message and calendar items will be migrated to Google mail as part of the migration.

  • How do I make Gmail by default mail client?

    "When I click a "mailto:" link in my browser, my email client ( opens. I mainly use my Gmail account, so instead of opening this program, I'd rather Gmail open up. It would be even better if it routed me directly to a 'compose' page. Is there a way I can make this happen? Solutions for both Mac and Windows would be appreciated."

    Read how at

Why we moved to Gmail


In September 2011, the College began a process to evaluate its use of email at the College.  The process began with a survey of staff, whose results were used to better understand the College's email needs.  The next steps included evaluating available options along with a cost comparison.    The end result supported a decision to migrate to an outsourced email solution, namely Google Mail, which would meet the College's requirements for a flexibile. reliable, and scalable email solution.


In September 2011, IT staff members migrated to Google Mail.  We anticipate to migrate another 15-20 users in October, who will be Google Guides for the rest of the College community.  Google Guides are early adoptors who can assist with feedback to improve the migration process, as well as answer questions, concerns, and other issues from the remainder of the College.  In November and December 2011, or sooner, we look forward to migrating the remainder of the College.