How to Scan to Email

One of the handy functions available with the Toshiba Copiers is the ability scan documents and send directly to your email inbox as a PDF. This is a great tool and eliminates the need for USB devices!

 1)   Log into the Copier with the copier code provided by your department.

2)   Press the “Scan” button on the copier.      

3)   Insert the document, print side up, in the top document feeder (or face down on the glass)

4)   Select the “Email” button on the LCD screen

5)   Enter the address to which you wish to send the document:

a)     Tap the “input@” button on the LCD screen

b)    Enter the applicable email address

c)     Tap OK

6)   You will now see the email address you entered on the screen.

7)   Tap OK on bottom right of LCD screen

8)   Tap OK again

9)   Tap “SCAN” button on bottom right of LCD screen and the document will begin scanning.

You will see “sending email” flashing on LCD screen, once flashing has stopped copier is finished emailing document


10. Log out of copier via function clear button (yellow “fc” button on copier)