Rory Solomon

Tech Lead, Applications & Web Technologies


I am a software developer with over 10 years of experience developing database-backed websites using open source technologies.

I joined the Bankstreet community in January 2010 when I began working as a consultant on the website relaunch. In August 2012 I joined as full-time staff, continuing to develop new features and functionality for the website, and working to integrate it with the various other databases and systems that form Bankstreet's technology infrastructure.

Before joining Bankstreet I developed web-based systems for many other corporations and non-profits small and large. Most recently, I built a website and database for the New School that allows students and instructors to share current work, creating visibility for a campus that is often felt to lack these shared physical spaces.

In addition to developing software, I am Adjunct Faculty at Parsons, where I teach programming to design students; and am a media artist, having collaborated on projects featured in the Whitney Biennial, the National Art Museum of China, and Aronson Gallery. I am also pursuing my Masters in Media Studies at the New School, where my thesis is an exploration of the history of software as media.

Areas of expertise

Python and Django, data modeling, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Java, Processing, C++

Technologies that I work with at Bankstreet

Django, Postgres, jQuery, Apache, Ubuntu Linux, git