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Spring Break

Graduate students, we are open normal hours during Spring Break.

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Our trial goes through, May 19, 2014. For a simple overview, visit the Library's Database Trials page. For a more details, see Alexander Street's Academic Video Online: Premium.

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Center for Children's Literature Events

April and May are busy times for Center for Children's Literature folk. Two events you might want to look out for are The Irma Black Award, and The Cook Prize.

The Irma Black Award

The four finalists for the 2014 Irma Simonton and James H. Black Award were selected by Bank Street School for Children 3rd and 4th grade classrooms.
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The Cook Prize

The Cook Prize honors the best science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) picture book published for children aged eight to ten.
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The Children's Book Committee

If you are looking for comprehensive annotated book lists for children, aged infant-16, The Children's Book Committee website is definitely worth a visit.
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If you would like more information about the Heartbleed bug, here are some resources that we've found helpful:

  1. The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC for Friday, 4/11, has a segment Change Your Passwords! (Heartbleed Explained)
  2. Heartbleed Test and Last Pass indicate which websites have fixed the security problem.
  3. PC Magazine: Heartbleed Bug: Should  You Panic?
  4. New York Times: Q and A. on Heartbleed: A Flaw Missed by the Masses 
  5. New York Times: Users' Stark Reminder: As Web Grows, It Grows Less Secure 
  6. The security hole is a reminder to protect your online data. U.S. PIRG offers tips on how to avoid identity theft.