Figure 1: Precollaboration Discussion Topics



 Examples of Questions to Consider


 Instructional Content

  • What has been selected, and why?
  • What are some other potential sources of content?



  • How do we each usually plan? (How have we each planned in the past?)
  • How often should we meet?
  • What should be the goals of our planning session?
  • How will we “chunk” planning lessons and units?


 Instructional Format

  • How should the content be taught?
  • What are some methods that we each prefer?



  • How will we establish equality in the classroom?
  • How will we maintain equality in the classroom?



  • What are some possible furniture arrangements that we can use to support different learning experiences?
  • How can we provide the maximum access to students who use a wheelchair?



  • Who will do what? (Start lessons, signal transitions, check notebooks, collect and grade homework?)



  • What rules/reactions should we have when the noise level becomes too loud?



  • What will be our mutually agreed-upon policy that will show a united team?
  • How can we avoid “good teacher”/“bad teacher” situations?



  • When and how can we dialogue about how the lesson went?


 Student Evaluation

  • What are the ways that will be used to evaluate students?


 Teaching Chores

  • Who will do daily tasks such as taking attendance, setting up the technology, checking supplies, or cleaning the board?



  • What will be agreed upon in terms of confidentiality and trust?


 Pet Peeves

  • What are some things that each of us can’t stand?
  • (It helps to learn about these early on.)


 Other issues?

  • Is there anything we’ve missed?

Source: Modified from Cook and Friend (1996)