Facilitating Student Documentary Projects Toward 21-Century Literacy and Civic Engagement

Steven Goodman

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Executive Director of the Educational Video Center Steve Goodman describes how he uses video making as a way to engage students in high-needs schools. Goodman believes video making projects can help counter the ways minority students are made invisible by school curriculum and the culture of testing. More importantly, creating video documentaries allows students to use multiple literacies and does not exclude those who struggle with the written word. 


This video is a excerpt from a 14 minute documentary entitled "I Color: School and Racism" that was collaboratively researched, shot, and edited by eighth grade students at Westside Collaborative Middle School in New York City. Through interviews with students, a professor and people on the streets, they explore the problem of racial and ethnic representation and stereotypes in their school, community and the media.  

The Educational Video Center provided the teacher who facilitated this student project with curriculum, technical and pedagogical professional development, and weekly in-class coaching.