History of the Language Series

Wilkomen! Benvenuti! Bienvenidos! Ni hau! Welcome!

The goals of the series are:

  • To support the professional growth of all classroom educators: Dual Language, Bilingual, ESL, Special Ed, and Monolingual teachers in Pre-K to high school settings;
  • To promote discussions on language learning principles and methodology with a focus on multiple ways of learning and classroom applications in all content areas;
  • To foster the exchange of ideas by providing opportunities for networking among teachers and leaders across schools with a diverse range of learners.

The original Language Series was titled "The Dual Language Series" and focused on the needs of Dual Language teachers. The methodologies that Dual Language teachers use are effective across the board for all teachers, regardless of the setting so we changed the name and focus of the program to the Language Series to include all educators of children Pre-K through high school.

Originally the conference took place over 3 Saturdays. In 2012, the conference was revamped to a one weekend conference. In addition, we changed the name again to “Beyond the Language Series”.

We still have the same goals for the event with a focus on hands-on interactive, differentiated language development that supports all learners in all settings. Each year we choose a topic that is current and much needed in our practice and also includes those who support our work: parents, coaches, leaders, school staff.

Explore previous years’ presenters and resources:

We look forward to seeing you this fall!