Beyond the Language Series, Spring 2013

Parent Action Plan

Help us in our literacy crusade to spread the word with families, parents, grandparents, foster parents, as well as teachers and educational leaders, interested in helping their children and students to develop their language acquisition and bilingual skills. So many times families do not know what to do to support and follow up at home what their children are learning in school.

A group of multilingual graduate students at Bank Street College, some of them mothers and teachers of bilingual children, has put together a concrete action plan to help families to share fun, creative, and educational activities like cultural games, oral storytelling, recipes and cooking activities, riddles, poems, songs, tongue twisters and calaveras, among others that can be done in the comfort of our homes. We are using Spanish as a model to inspire all languages and cultures with a concrete action plan to guide families in their support of their children's language development.

The Language Series is an annual conference devoted to making explicit the important role of language in our teaching and learning. This year the focus is on language-rich environments that address the new Common Core Standards.

Please come and enjoy a wide-range of workshops and activities! Check out our website for more information: