Why Give to the Annual Fund?

Why We Give

As parents, we have all taken-on a significant role in our children’s education by volunteering both our time and money throughout the year - the Fall Fair, the Auction, the Annual Fund, to name a few. We are fortunate to be a part of a community where such commitment is innate to our culture.

We wanted to share this video that speaks to our community and shows our teachers and children in action. This is why we give.

Supporting the Annual Fund touches every aspect of the School for Children's program - from professional development for our teachers, to enable us to attract and retain the best in the field, to supporting a socioeconomically diverse community through financial aid. By giving, we help the school be all that it can be and cover the cost of educating each child (tuition is short by about $2,000 per student).

As the current Annual Fund campaign gets under way, we hope we can continue to count on your tremendous support.

Thank you,


Laura Clark and Keith Lender

Annual Fund Co-Chairs