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Fall Fair

This Saturday October 18th the Bank Street Summer Camp will be helping at the Crafts Table at the Fall Fair. As usual, Dylan Morgan, the Camp's Assistant Director, will be at the Summer Camp;s main table to answer any questions about the upcoming registration on December 1st.

KiDS College

This year we will begin KiDS College on January 10, 2015.  KiDS College is a Saturday morning program for PreK-5th grade. The program will run from January 10th for eight weeks. Following will be our Spring Vacation Camp running from March 16-March 27.  More information will follow.
Registration for KiDs College Winter and Spring programs as well as Summer Camp 2015 will begin on December 1, 2014 at noon.

Summer Camp & Afterschool Leadership Certificate Program

Along with Bank Street's Continuing Professional Studies, the Bank Street Summer Camp has designed the Summer Camp & Afterschool Leadership Certificate program for professionals in leadership, administration, and staff positions who wish to expand their professional skills and learn more about the Bank Street approach to camp and afterschool programs. 

National and Tri-State Camp Conferences

The Bank Street Summer Camp will present at the Tri-State Camp Conference on recognizing and reframing education outside of regular school hours and the importance of both afterschool and summer programs.  

LEADS Teen Conference

LEADs Camp 2013

On April 28th, 2014 Bank Street Summer Camp hosted the LEADS Teen Conference in conjunction with the American Camp Association. The conference is designed for young teen counselors in the Tri-State area to think about what it means to be a leader in both their communities and as new staff members at camp. Sixteen camps provided over two hundred teen leaders. The day was packed with conferences, classes and, of course, a key note speech from the infamous Steve McGuire.

Tri-State Camp Conference

In March of 2014 some of the Camp Supervisory Staff and Leadership went to the Tri-State Camp Conference, the largest gathering of camp professionals in the world, where they presented Having the Hard Discussions (PDF) 5.7 MB, a session on diversity in the camping industry. They presented some of their own experiences and facilitated roundtable discussions focused on challenges and strategies in other camps.

Cookie Shapiro was asked to give a presentation about creating a safe waterfront. During the session, specific suggestions were made with regard to in-service and pre-service staff training.

In February Cookie went to the National Camp Conference in Dallas, Texas, where she participated in workshops and discussions about helping to incorporate special needs into camp as well as a session focused on serving the growing Hispanic population. She saw phenomenal keynote speakers including Lorene Garza Gonzalez, author of Inheritance: Discovering the Richness of Latino Family & Culture, and Madeline Levine, author of Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success

Heal the Children

In conjunction with the American Camping Association's Heal the Children program, The Bank Street Summer Camp is proud to offer two scholarships for the summer of 2013. Heal the Children is a "campership" program created in response to, and in support of, families that have suffered the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Providing these families with a summer camp opportunity will not only create a great summer experience for two children but also provide a safe and supportive environment in which they can explore and learn.

March Madness 

March Madness is the Bank Street Summer Camp's Spring Break Camp.  We offer mini camps for families who have vacation during March 18th-22nd and March 25th-29th. You can do either one week or both weeks. Many of our fabulous staff will be returning. Registration has already begun.

WolfSaturdays on Stage

Saturday December 15th, 2012 was the final performance for the Saturdays on Stage program. In eight classes campers came up with their own story and wrote their own lyrics to "B.B. Wolf vs. USA," a story of the Big Bad Wolf's trial following conclusion of the Little Red Riding Hood story.

The next Saturdays on Stage starts January 26th from 10am-1pm. 


KiDS CollegeKiDS College

Introducing Bank Street KiDS College. KiDS College is a collection of exciting weekend programs such as Saturdays on Stage, Film View Review, Sports, NYC Architecture and Spanish Immersion. Like Camp, these programs will allow kids the opportunity to explore each topic through creativity, exploration, imagination and experimentation, without the worry of failure. Kids are encouraged to try something new and experiement as much as possible in each class.

With the exception of Saturdays on Stage, which starts at the end of January, KiDS College programs will be announced April 6th and begin mid-September 2013. 

Teen LEADership Conference

Once again, the Bank Street Summer Camp is hosting and Co-Sponsoring the Tri-State Teen LEADership Conference with the ACA (American Camping Association) for upcoming L.I.Ts (Leaders and Training) in order to help them develope useful decision making skills. The American Camp Association says, "The event will provide teens with leadership skills they can use at school and in the community, as well as camp skills they can use throughout the summer. Teens can add the Conference to their (ever growing) resumes and the conference will help them reevaluate camp as the life changing experience it truly is."

Donation to Kliptown, South AfricaKliptown, South Africa little girl

Like the rest of the Bank Street College, we, at the Bank Street Summer Camp, transformed out logo toward the end of 2011. Suddenly we had hundreds of shirts with our old logo that we couldn't use. We donated over 500 shirts to the the Kliptown Youth Program in South Africa.

On December 3rd, CNN held their annual CNN Heroes program, in which they highlighted Thulani Madondo, the founder and director of Kliptown Youth Program, as a finalist.

If you know of someone or some place in need of clothing or hat donations, please let the Camp know as we still have plenty to donate.