Leaders in Training (LIT)

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Leadership Development Program

The Bank Street Summer Camp has expanded and redesigned the Leaders in Training program into a comprehensive environment for young tweens and teens to learn from and engage with a progressive environment conducive to working with children.

Registration for this program is available online.

The following are some accounts from last year's LDPs.

“I learned that I really enjoy being around kids, more than I thought I did. I realized how intelligent and perceptive kids are.”

“My expectations were exceeded and I learned so much more about myself than I thought there was to learn.”

“Being in the LDP has given me the chance to grow and learn so many new skills. It has helped me see that working with kids is one of the best things I can do.”

“The program not only encourages you to step outside of yourself and be a leader but to also work with a number of people to enhance the camp experience.”

“My experiences in the Leadership Development Program were ones I will never forget. This program was extremely helpful and I received a lot of knowledge from it.”

“This program teaches you things that you would never know how to do. When I went to this program I thought it would be simple but everything counts, every workshop counts. It made me a better person as well.”

“This program is a wonderful way to gain experience with children while learning skills that help you for the rest of your life.”

What does the LDP program look like for campers entering 9th and 10th grade?

The Leadership Development Program is designed to split the time between learning how to become effective leaders and counselors, as well as spend time as a senior camper. Participants will learn skills for working in and with small groups of campers and some tricks of the trade, such as games, songs and activities, all of which will start their personal portfolio of skills. Participants will learn how to interview as well as develop a strong resume.

From the first year program, participants will have the skills to become a lifeguard, work at Bank Street Summer Camp, or a different camp, and translate their new skill set into other jobs or other positions of responsibility. At the end of the course they will receive a certificate of completion as well as an evaluation.

The general schedule is as follows:

Monday and Friday Mornings: LDP Group activities such as bowling, scavenger hunts and sports.
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons: Observation, recording and discussing or small group activity with 3-5 campers under the supervision of a staff member.
Tuesday and Thursday Mornings: Training in either leadership skills or activities.
Wednesday Mornings: Swim time for the Leadership group.
Wednesday Afternoon: Small group dialogue about observations and activities. Sometimes there will be guided discussions regarding camp in general or leadership topics.
Friday Afternoons: Together or in small groups, the LD Program will run some of the camper activities, including art time, stories or puppet shows or carnivals.
Week 5 (July 29th-August 2nd): There will be a one night overnight to Club Getaway at no additional cost.

The group runs from June 30th - August 1st at a rate of $600.

Participants must attend all 5 weeks unless previously accepted with a separate arrangement.