Lower Camp

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What is the Lower Camp?

The Lower Camp consists of 8 groups for children 4-6 years old. Our eight day and five-week programs are designed to offer children an opportunity to explore the city and its vast resources, in a safe and relaxed setting. Within our air-conditioned classrooms each group is equipped with both challenging and enriching materials. Each Lower Camp group has a weekly trip day. Trips include the New York Hall of Science, Central Park Carousel, and museums and zoos that vary from year to year. Lower Camp programs are General Camp and Spanish Immersion. See below for complete descriptions of the Lower Camp programs.

Each group swims three times a week, twice in the outdoor Skyview pool in Riverdale and once at scenic Lake Welch (only during Session 2). Our waterfront staff instructs the children both individually and in small groups, at appropriate swim levels and with an emphasis on safety. Lake Welch is located in Harriman State Park, 40 minutes north of Manhattan.

Swimming at Bank Street Camp

Session 1 (6/15/15 - 6/26/15)

Select the grade your child will be going into for the 2014 school year. Please Note: Lower Camp begins on Wednesday June 18th but Pre-Camp Care is available on the Monday and Tuesday of that week for $260.

  • General Camp, Grades PreK-1

    There are multiple Early Childhood groups during each Session. Each group follows the Bank Street School philosophy. Most of the Head Counselors for the Lower Camp are teachers at Bank Street School for Children or graduate students from the Bank Street College. Each group has snack time, woodworking, outdoor play and swim time.  All groups will have age appropriate nap or quiet time each day. 

    Grade Pre-K (Group 1)

    Monthly Sample Schedule (PDF 296 KB)

    Weekly Sample Schedule (PDF 1.3 MB)

    Grade K (Group 2)

    Monthly Sample Schedule (PDF 284 KB)

    Weekly Sample Schedule (PDF 1.3 MB)

    Grade K (Group 3)

    Monthly Sample Schedule (PDF 284 KB)

    Weekly Sample Schedule (PDF 1.3 MB) 

    Grade 1 (Group 6/7)

    Monthly Sample Schedule (PDF 229 KB)

    Weekly Sample Schedule (PDF 1.3 MB)


  • Spanish Immersion, Grades PreK-1

    The Spanish Immersion group provides the students with the opportunity to learn, practice and reinforce the Spanish language through a variety of engaging and interactive activities. The focus is on the development of the students' receptive and expressive language while creating a positive educational experience. By practicing the language both in and out of the classroom, teachers are able to make the campers feel comfortable, and help develop an appreciation and love for the Spanish language.

    Grade K (Group 4/5)

    Monthly Sample Schedule (PDF 284 KB)

    Weekly Sample Schedule (PDF 1.3 MB)

    Grade K/1 (Group 8)

    Monthly Sample Schedule (PDF 238 KB)

    Weekly Sample Schedule (PDF 1.2 MB)



    Inmersión en español, 1era. sesión (Junio 18-27)

    Grados PreK-1

    El grupo de Inmersión en Español provee a los estudiantes la oportunidad de aprender, practicar y reforzar el idioma Español a través de una variedad de actividades amenas e interactivas. Nos enfocamos en el desarrollo del lenguaje receptivo y expresivo de los estudiantes, a la vez misma vez que creamos una experiencia educacional positiva. Al practicar el idioma dentro y fuera del salón de clases, los/as maestros/as crean un clima cómodo para los campistas ayudando a desarrollar en ellos/as un aprecio y amor por el idioma Español. 

    Grade K (Group 4/5)

    Weekly Sample Schedule (PDF 1.3 MB) 

    Monthly Sample Schedule (PDF 445 KB)

    Grade K/1 (Group 8) 

    Monthly Sample Schedule (PDF 299 KB) 

    Weekly Sample Schedule (PDF 1270 MB)


Session 2 (6/29/15 - 7/31/15)

Select the grade your child will be going into for the 2014 school year.

Session 3 (8/3/15 - 8/7/15)

grades prek-k Daily swim  $    680.00
grades prek-1 Spanish Immerison Daily Swim $    680.00
grades k-1 Daily swim  $    680.00
grades 2-3 Spanish Immersion Swim & Trips  $    680.00
grades 2-3 Daily Swim & Trips   $    730.00
grades 4-7 Daily Swim & Trips   $    730.00
grades 4-8 Advanced Swim and Technology  $    730.00


The Daily Swim program includes both instruction and free swim for the first half of the day in the outdoor pool at Skyview in Riverdale. Campers come back to Bank Street for lunch and activities or go out to a park or museum.

The Spanish Immersion Swim program is very similar to the regular Daily Swim program, except that the counselors interact with campers in Spanish. The program is truly immersive, meaning that not only are the counselors speaking with the campers in Spanish but the campers are also encouraged to respond to the counselors in Spanish.