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Investments in Sustainability – 2011-13

If you look into the top funding goals of any institution of higher education, you are likely to find a similar list: student financial aid and endowed scholarships, support for faculty, programs to provide services and a host of outreach initiatives, and improved technology and library resources. The reason is simple. These items may vary slightly from one institution to another but, together, they reflect the pillars on which any educational community relies. The difference is in the institution – its history of achievement, the importance of its mission today, and the potential for further accomplishments.

In the early years of this century, Bank Street conducted a successful capital campaign that raised over $26 million, much of it for endowment. A larger endowment has helped the College weather the economic strains of the recent years, as well as providing a foundation for a stronger future.

Starting in 2009, President Dickey and the Trustees began to shape a list of essential and urgent needs that required support if Bank Street was to continue to serve its distinctive mission in American education. These “investments in sustainability” included beginning to develop online learning as a means to bring Bank Street courses and programs to more educators; implementing a total overhaul of the Bank Street website, to make it fresher, more engaging, and easier to navigate; establishing a government relations program to increase involvement with policy makers and funding agencies around key preK-12 issues; offering a faculty retirement program; and carrying out a comprehensive master plan project to better understand the College’s facilities needs, now and in the next decade. Primarily through gifts from Trustees, these initiatives have been launched successfully and have already made important contributions to Bank Street’s current operations and long-term future.

The continuing financial uncertainty has made increasing the College’s endowment an urgent priority. The new version of the Investments in Sustainability chart reflects the goal of raising substantial new endowment, especially for the School for Children.

We welcome support for these urgent needs from everyone who values Bank Street’s work and shares its purposes. Alumni and friends who are interested in learning more about the Investments in Sustainability should contact John Borden, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, or Kristin Conklin, Associate Vice President and Director of Development.