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Join Us for the Spring Benefit!

The Liberty LEADS Spring Benefit is on Monday, June 3, 2013 at Havana Central

We will recognize Kenneth D. Merin and Carol Van Atten from The Charles Hayden Foundation as the 2013 Liberty LEADers. This honor is bestowed upon two community members who have contributed significant time and resources to help enhance the lives of underserved youth. We will also honor two Liberty LEADS students, one alum and one high school student, who have each proven themselves as leaders and academics. 

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Support Liberty LEADS

Thanks for visiting the Liberty LEADS Giving Page.  Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of the students whom we serve. Here are some of the activities we do with our students that require donor support:

College Tour

Scholars visit 10 colleges during a 3-day college tour and have the opportunity to find an institution of higher learning that will help them reach their goals

Science in the City

A 4-week Science and Math camp for our 5th and 6th graders, our youngest scholars. It is an excellent way to give them the opportunity to dream beyond what many of them believe is possible

Leadership Retreat

Scholars learn and implement leadership skills in ways that serve their home communities and the world

Young Men's Summer Adventure Group

A 5-week camp for where our young men engage in excursions, documentary film making, and a literacy project

For answers to questions you may have about the program, please contact Farhad Asghar

For more information about the Liberty LEADS program please visit the program webpage

Thank you for offering your support to our students, our future leaders.